Losing My Mind CD




Hello friends! I’m thrilled to be releasing my new solo album “Losing My Mind.” This is a vocal album through and through. I’m playing sax on a few tunes of course, but this is all about the voice. The repertoire covers several classic Great American Songbook standards, a couple of originals and a couple of classic pop tunes from my youth. The arrangements range from trio to big band, with some strings thrown in for good measure. A “cast of thousands” crew of wonderful musicians helped me put this together, and Elliot Scheiner put the finishing touches on the whole thing with his masterful mixing. I hope you enjoy my newest project!


It Could Happen to You 5:32
Losing My Mind 6:04
Last Call 6:41
Softly, as In a Morning Sunrise 5:35
Gaia’s Lament 4:49
I Hear Music 3:40
Lembra De Mim 5:38
The Last Thing On My Mind 5:00
Lovely Day (feat. New York Voices) 4:50
East of the Sun (West of the Moon) 6:05
All My Loving 5:18
The Song Is You 5:36


Guest vocalists: Rosana Eckert, Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhnan & Peter Eldridge
Piano – Andy Ezrin
Acoustic Bass – Jay Anderson, Ike Sturm
Electric Bass – Lincoln Goines & Leo Traversa
Drums – Marcello Pellitteri & Ben Wittman
Guitar – Romero Lubambo
Flute & Bari Sax – Steve Kenyon
Trumpet – Frank Greene & Scotty Barnhart
Trombone – Mike Davis & Jay Ashby
Violin: Gina Buzzelli & Maria Rusu
Viola: Maria Rusu
Cello: Cesar Colmenares & Teodore Rusu
Percussion: Jay Ashby

“Lovely Day” Choir – Rosana Eckert, Noielle Eckert, Wendy Jones, Eli Martin, Lori Lynn Meader, Anne Czichowsky, Uli Trost, Nina Ruckhaber, Gary Eckert, Greg Jasperse, Mathias Moronvalle, Pascal Pahl, Reginald Bowens

Mixed by Elliot Scheiner

Preview Tracks:

It Could Happen to You

Losing My Mind

Last Call

Softly, as In a Morning Sunrise

Gaia’s Lament

I Hear Music

Lembra De Mim

The Last Thing On My Mind

Lovely Day (feat. New York Voices)

East of the Sun (West of the Moon)

All My Loving

The Song Is You