2 CD Special: Losing My Mind + And So I Am




Get both of Darmon’s solo CDs for $20 (Save $5!)

Released in 2007, “And So I Am” encompasses all the various facets of my jazz personality: singing, sax, big band, and a cappella… The repertoire draws from classic standards such as “Skylark,” “Isn’t It Romantic,” “Yardbird Suite” and “Spain,” as well as a few originals.

“Losing My Mind” was released in 2023. This is a vocal album through and through. I’m playing sax on a few tunes of course, but this is all about the voice. The repertoire covers several classic Great American Songbook standards, a couple of originals and a couple of classic pop tunes from my youth. The arrangements range from trio to big band, with some strings thrown in for good measure. A “cast of thousands” crew of wonderful musicians helped me put this together, and Elliot Scheiner put the finishing touches on the whole thing with his masterful mixing. I hope you enjoy my newest project!

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Listen to preview tracks for Losing My Mind