Last Call Arrangement



Publisher: Darmon Meader
Year of Publication: 2023
Voicing: Two Voices & Rhythm Section
Duration: 5:00 or more (depends on how many solos…)
Level: V

This is my original composition that is featured on my 2023 “Losing My Mind” solo project, with guest vocalist Rosana Eckert.  This is a wordless duet designed for two vocalists. However, it also works with two horns, one horn and one voice, guitar lead and one voice. There are many ways this song can be performed. The A section melody is based on an Eb pentatonic scale, which works over almost all of the A section chords. The bridge dives into a bit more complicated 2-5-1 progressions, with a few half-step shifts to keep everyone on there toes!  There is a built-in drum solo with some four and five part vocal backgrounds. When I perform it live, I just use two of the background parts.  This is a challenging piece to perform, but a lot of fun! 

I’ve included a few optional parts for different instrumentations.

“Voice 1” options: Voice, Alto Sax, Guitar. 

“Voice 2: options: Voice, Tenor Sax

I’ve also included transcriptions of Rosana’s and my scat solos, so some extra practice material included!

Preview Track: