Charleston Alley


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Publisher: Shawnee Press
Year of Publication: 2009
Voicing: SSATB w/rhythm section
Duration: 3:20
Level: IV

Charlie Barnet recorded “Charleston Alley” in 1941, and subsequently, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross used this recording as the inspiration for their vocalese version in 1959. My arrangement is an adaptation and expansion of that classic L, H & R version. By changing the key and expanding the voicing, this song now works very well for a small to medium sized vocal jazz ensemble. If you are familiar with the L, H & R version, you know that Annie’s part covered an outrageous range. The new key puts the female solo in a more accessible range at both the top and bottom ends. Likewise, the male vocalese solo sits nicely in a baritone range. The arrangement incorporates classic four-way close harmonies as well as large “shout chorus” sections, but with it’s relaxed tempo and smooth voice leading, it is accessible by most experienced ensembles.

Sop: F2 – Eb4
Alto: F2 – C4
Tenor: Bb1 – E3
Bass: Bb1 – D3

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