What Child is This?


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Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Year of publication: 2016
Voicing: SATB with Piano accompaniment
Duration: 4:25
Level: IV

This is another one of my “tweaked” Christmas carols. I always liked this old English carol, and also found it interesting that there are two common variations on the melody. The more modal version with the flat 7th of the scale has a more “early music” quality, and lends itself to simpler choral writing, while the more melodic minor version seems to carry a more “classical” quality and encourages a grander choral approach. I’ve used a bit of both in this arrangement, and as is usually the case, I have incorporated a dash of jazz harmonic inflection as well. This piece is reasonably challenging, but the harmonic palate and voice leading are reasonably friendly. This will work will with both small and large ensembles.

Sop: B2 – D4
Alto: A2 – C4
Tenor: C2 – E3
Bass: G1 – D3

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