Tickle My Fancy



Publisher: Darmon Meader
Year of publication: 2022
Voicing: Big Band (5/4/4)
Duration: 5:00 (depending on how many solos)
Level: IV

This is a big band instrumental original of mine, inspired by the Basie classic ‚ÄúTickle Toe,” with a hint of Corea’s “Got a Match” in there as well… This uptempo tempo swing tune is a reasonably challenging, high energy ride, and would make a good opener or closer. Lead trumpet tops out at concert C5. The sax section gets a good workout, with a few soli moments. The chord progression uses a LOT of 1/2 step 2-5-1 motion, so this song is a great teaching tool for your improvisers. The preview link below sends you to a 2017 live performance with the Montclair State University Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Jeff Kunkel.

You should be able to download the complete set of PDFs after purchase. If you have any problems receiving the files, let me know.

Preview Score: CLICK HERE

Preview Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jc3AVOguuM