That Ever I Saw SSAA


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Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Year of publication: 2018
Voicing: SSAA (a cappella)
Duration: 2:30
Level: IV

This SSAA piece is a re-voicing of my SATB a cappella composition that I wrote in 1999. Originally a wedding gift to my wife, this piece has become quite a favorite over the years. The text is an anonymous text which lauds the fine attributes of a young lady. It seemed an appropriate text for my wedding day, however, the text is not wedding specific. This mood piece is written with a classical choir in mind but contains contemporary harmonic colors along with traditional melodic lines. This piece works well with both small and large ensembles.

Sop 1: E3 – Eb4
Sop 2: D3 – D4
Alto 1: G2 – A3
Alto 2: G2 – Ab3

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