NYV Live with the WDR Big Band, Cologne (2013)

Recordings > NYV Live With The WDR Big Band


Released in 2013, this high-energy recording is the documentation of a memorable evening in 2008 in Cologne, Germany. As part of their 20th anniversary, NYV had the pleasure of collaborating with the WDR Big Band, with the intent of releasing a live CD. It took a few years to get the CD out, but it was worth the wait! The repertoire is a mixture of classic NYV songs from earlier years, along with new arrangements developed for this project. All vocal arrangements are by NYV, with intricate big band accompaniment penned by the formidable big band arranger, Michael Abene. Michael had produced NYV’s debut CD back in 1989, so it was a great pleasure to reunite with one of the group’s early mentors.

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Recordings > NYV Live With The WDR Big Band

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