NYV Sings the Songs of Paul Simon (1998)

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After leaving GRP and settling into their new quartet format, NYV was looking for an interesting recording project to get them back in the studio. Veteran producer and engineer Joel Moss approached the group with the Paul Simon tribute idea, and NYV ran with it. Paul Simon has long been considered an important composer and storyteller, so the idea of blending his songs with the NYV close harmony arrangement approach seemed like a good fit. This project was a bit ahead of its time, as the jazz community seemed to be reticent to embrace NYV’s departure into “pop” music. Despite the dissenting reaction by the “jazz police,” more open minded listeners clearly understood that this was not a pop project per se, but the reinterpretation of well-crafted compositions by one of America’s most relevant artists. As time has past, more and more quality pop songs have become integrated into the “jazz standard” repertoire, and thus, NYV has found a larger audience for this interesting recording.

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Recordings > NYV Sings Paul Simon

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