And So Am I (2008)

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Released in 2007, this CD encompasses all the various facets of my jazz personality: singing, sax, big band, and a cappella… The repertoire draws from classic standards such as “Skylark,” “Isn’t It Romantic,” “Yardbird Suite” and “Spain,” as well as a few originals.

“All the playing here is consistently excellent, since Meader also has the ability to pick (and inspire) some top-flight bandmates. And after two decades of arranging luscious, nuanced vocal harmonies, he knows how to design the ideal cushion for a song: see Close Your Eyes, My Romance and especially the beautiful closer, Why Did I Choose You? All told, And So Am I is a versatile, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable debut. For fans of the New York Voices, it’s a chance to finally grasp the extent of Meader’s individual gifts. For everyone else, it’s a fine introduction to a terrific ‘new’ artist. Either way, it’s highly recommended.”

Dr. Judith Schlesinger,

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Recordings > And So Am I

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